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    10 Creative Magazines You Should Know About!


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    As a creative agency, we encourage our designers and clients to explore the fascinating world of design. These magazines have inventive styles that can spark some creativity in our imaginations. Printed magazines are highly appreciated within our studio as they combine all things design related. Illustration, typography, photography, editorial, and so much more. Is there a better feeling than holding a perfectly designed and collectable publication?

    Most of these magazines can be found in shops such as ‘magma’ in Manchester’s northern quarter. Along with many other amazing printed publications. They are also available for purchase online either through subscription or pay as you go.


    1. Little White Lies

    Established in 2005, Little white lies is a collectable magazine for movie lovers! They are published once every two months and highlight all of your favourite movies, directors and stars. The creativity within these magazines is astonishing. They portray some amazing editorial skills throughout these magazines as well as show-stopping front covers. The front cover is created by a new designer/illustrator for each edition. The ever-changing style captures all aspects of design and excites their viewers to see what is next. They push the boundaries of design and develop breathtaking publications. One of the most exciting things about this magazine is the interactivity they produce for their viewers. For example: ‘colour in star wars edition’ & ‘Moving image 100 Great British films’



    2. Computer Arts

    These magazines celebrate new designers, studios and creativity in each edition. It’s full of exciting interviews and explores large projects in depth. This gives a detailed insight into the behind the scenes work produced. Computer arts is a great read if you’re looking for some interesting tips for life in the creative industry. It offers a wide range of realistic goals and encourages you to achieve more! An interesting fact about this magazine is that they run an annual cover competition with D&AD to find some ‘fresh new talent’. The idea that they give everyone a chance to achieve something with them is incredible. Next time it could be you!



    3. Frankie

    This is an Australian based publication that offers interesting reads into fashion, design, photography and much more. They are incredibly known for their exciting front covers and editorial design style. These magazines are perfect if you’re looking for something cute and collectable.



    4. Weapons Of Reason

    Being in the design industry you’ll notice many unfortunate world issues. This magazine creates powerful publications exploring and questioning these issues. The exciting front covers really grab the attention of everyone who loves design whilst encouraging people to understand important situations.



    5. Eye

    Eye is seen as a graphic design journal rather than a magazine, however, their collectable publications are incredibly eye-catching. They offer some interesting views on visual culture and design. There inventive front covers and experimental editorial elements can really inspire some creative practice.



    6. Breathe

    This magazine not only looks incredible but the message behind it is too! It explores all of the issues surrounding mindfulness and encourages people to take a little time for themselves. Part of being in the design industry is facing real issues and finding a way to communicate another option. This magazine has achieved this goal through print. The idea that it is a collector’s item is brilliant as it persuades people to keep something that can help them whenever they need it. The front covers tend to be illustrated in a calm and mellow manner. Proof that art can be therapeutic!



    7. The Gentlewoman

    This magazine has created a powerful direction for women. It celebrates a different woman using images and interviews within each issue. The idea that a magazine is purely dedicated to empowering women is stunning. The magazines are a combination of beautiful photography and impressive layout designs.



    8. The Gourmand

    Perfect for food lovers! The Gourmand magazine covers food and culture with amazing photography as well as content from incredible artists and writers around the world. It is an impressive publication to add to your print collection, especially if you are an editorial enthusiast.



    9. Wallpaper*

    This magazine highlights all aspects of design throughout the world, viewers around the globe are fascinated with Wallpaper*. It offers tips for expanding your design skills and is highly recommended for its content on home styles and interior design. It also celebrates creative fashion design in many countries. The covers are incredibly imaginative and always distinct from the previous issue. Perfect for any creative mind!



    10. Creative Review

    This is one of the most inventive and informative magazines for any creative individual. It has covered all areas of design since the 1980s and is a beloved collectable item. They are known for challenging the design industry and the arts. The content in the magazine ranges from most artistic elements to film & TV and interviews with wildly popular creatives. It includes in-depth research into projects and explores how things are made. Perfect for a curious mind! These magazines are also perfect for their front cover designs and editorial layouts.



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    Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.

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      Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.


      Call Us 0161 941 4615