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    12 Adverts of Christmas | 2019


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    Christmas Adverts you should definitely know about!

    Here at the Agency, we have all been looking out for our favourite 12 Christmas adverts of 2019. Some are more popular than others and we are sure that some will surprise you! As a design agency, we appreciate all things creative so, all of our chosen adverts have a creative asset within them.


    1. VISA #WhereYouShopMatters

    This year Visa has explored workers at Christmas time within their festive campaign. We love the idea behind this as it encourages viewers to support independent businesses. The advert features 13 genuine shopkeepers across London singing ‘somebody to love’ – Queen. We love the realistic elements within this advert and, the way it highlights that people still have to work during the festive period.


    2. IKEA #WonderfulEveryday

    Ikea has created a fun and exciting advert this year using a modern rap style, this reaches out to a younger audience whilst maintaining a family orientated campaign. The creativity within this advert is brilliant. The idea that household objects are criticising the rundown areas within the house is beyond imaginative. It expresses a sense of honest humour and is completely relatable. It approaches the idea that houses need some TLC at Christmas as well as people.


    3. ALDI #LeafyBlinders

    We all love a carrot apparently! Kevin has been brought back to entertain us again this year with a bit more star quality! Aldi has been extremely creative this year with their Christmas campaigns, they have even incorporated the ‘Peaky Blinders’ as sprouts, plus Robbie Williams for some extra entertainment. It’s definitely an inventive way to encourage people to eat more vegetables. There’s always an exciting story with Kevin the carrot, it’s keeping most viewers hooked for the year to come.

    “love the one with the carrot” – David at The Agency Creative


    4. APPLE #MakeSomeonesChristmas 

    We believe Apple has created one of the most realistic Christmas adverts this year. It explores the idea that Christmas time isn’t always perfect, and there can be a lot of chaos. Children today tend to be occupied by gadgets and technology however, Apple has proven that it can be useful for learning, creating, and much more. As designers, we appreciate that this campaign encourages people to create something special for someone rather than buying something.


    5. JOHN LEWIS #ExcitableEdgar

    A classic Christmas advert! John Lewis never fails to impress with their Christmas campaigns. Their story this year about Excitable Edgar really captures emotion and friendship. It encourages the idea that there is a present for everyone and that everyone has a special quality. Bastille singing ‘can’t fight this feeling’ has made the entire advert much more exciting and they have turned a regular song into a festive one.

    “It’s sick!” – Luke at The Agency Creative.


    6. MCDONALD’S #ReindeerReady

    Mcdonald’s have impressed us with their use of imagination this year. Their modern / animated campaign has an incredibly emotive yet realistic storyline. We love the fact that they have explored Christmas through a child’s perspective, especially with the (reindeer) dog. The most impressive aspect of this advert is the way they make it seem like McDonald’s is always there for you, even at Christmas. The Agency loves ‘Mcnuggets’ too.

    “It’s mint, Love the doggo” – Jess at The Agency Creative.


    7. PAPA JOHN’S #ChristmasIsBetterShared

    Papa John’s Christmas advert is incredibly creative, we love the illustrated style they have used this year. The unexpected advert has become one of our favourites as it is emotive, fun and incredibly Christmassy. We believe that their message behind this campaign is one of the strongest, plus the animated design is definitely worth watching.


    8. SAINSBURY’S #NicholasTheSweep

    Another classic Christmas advert! Sainsbury’s are becoming the ones to watch out for with their impressive Christmas campaigns. Nicholas the sweep is a strong idea as it takes the viewers back in time to earlier Christmases. The story is emotional and explores the beginning of Santa Claus as well as the beginning of the company. We love the idea that they shine a light on their branding throughout the video simply with an orange, this is brilliant as the rest of the advert is dull and grey.


    9. SKY #E.T.CameHomeForChristmas

    We all love a reunion! Sky has brought E.T back to our screens after 37 years for their impressive Christmas advert. The campaign is strongly aimed towards families and friends, it also highlights how the world has developed through this time period. We love the fact that the original actor (Henry Thomas) who played Elliot in the film has been brought back to reunite with our favourite alien. It’s clear that the message within this campaign is the importance of reconnecting at Christmas, watching our favourite films on Sky cinema.

    “it’s so cute” – Jordan at The Agency Creative


    10. SKY #ComingSoon

    Sky have been busy this Christmas! Their other campaign is a Sky cinema advent Calendar, they have given us a giggle this year with this exciting advert, it also makes us look forward to watching our favourite movies. The creativity of Idris Elba walking through all of his favourite movies on sky cinema is genius. Not only is he living in them but he is singing a parody version of ’12 days of Christmas’, we love the humour within this song.


    11. BARBOUR #BloomingBarbourChristmases

    Barbour has outdone themselves with their illustrated Christmas advert, the style is inspired by one of our favourite Christmas classics (The Snowman). The impressive message within this campaign shows how Barbour have been established for 125 blooming Christmases. It also allows viewers to think about simple gifts being loved and remembered. One of our favourite aspects of this advert is the tone of voice, it simply reinforces the British culture and humour.


    12. VERY #GetMoreOutOfGiving

    Very’s Christmas advert is truly stunning, the message within this story highlights how giving a gift can be more fun than receiving one. A simple gift can mean a lot to someone. As a design agency, we appreciate how Very emphasises their branding within the animation. The hot pink box is very effective and stands out massively from the rest of the assets.


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    Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.

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      Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.


      Call Us 0161 941 4615