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    Christmas advert main image feature collage 2020

    12 Adverts Of Christmas | 2020


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    Christmas averts you need to know about this year! 

    Yes, It’s that time of year again! Here at The Agency, we have compiled a list of our favorite 12 Christmas adverts this year. We look out for inventive and creative elements within these adverts. Let’s be honest, 2020 hasn’t been full of cheer however, we have a feeling that some of these adverts will brighten your day or prepare you for the festive period.

    There have been many amazing adverts this year and we have loved them all. However, we have picked out 12 that we feel are the most creative or send out an important message.


    1. Disney – From Our Family To Yours

    This year Disney has impressed us with their heart-warming animated movie. The story highlights the idea that Disney and other childhood memories will grow old with you. It shows that sometimes the most special gifts can be as simple as the gift of a memory, or one that’s shared with family. As a design agency, we enjoy being creative and this short story explores the ways in which you can light up the town for Christmas with handmade decorations. It also shows an older family member teaching arts and crafts to a child. Now more than ever we need to understand how important the arts are and we think Disney has shown this with their advert this year.

    Recycling is one of the most important things to carry out daily. We feel that Disney has explored this by retaining a Mickey Mouse plush for over 65 years and regifting it to the owner once it had been repaired.



    2. Aldi 

    This year Aldi has pulled out all of the stops with Kevin the carrot. He has been on a wild journey with aspects from all of our favorite movie classics. In their first teaser video, Kevin was seen piloting a jet alongside his friend ‘Turkey’. This was a nice festive twist to the movie character ‘Goose’ in Top Gun. Aldi then launched their main advert for 2020 and surprised us with references to ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ and ‘E.T’. Finally, Kevin returns home to the soundtrack of ‘Home Alone’. It doesn’t get more festive than that!

    Hidden in Aldi’s advert this year are some rainbow posters to thank the NHS and key workers. We feel that this is a very creative way to honor and embrace them for all of their hard work this year. They can be spotted on Kevin’s home window and on Santa’s workshop.



    3. Amazon – The Show Must Go On

    Amazon has been incredibly busy this year with the shops being closed and everyone stuck inside. However, they have created a powerful advert for Christmas that explores the importance of the arts. They have created a story of a ballerina with a canceled show, but with the help of online shopping and friends, anything is possible. A ballet show takes place in the center of town and people admire it from afar. #SaveTheArts



    4. Argos – An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy

    The Argos catalog is something every family has fond memories of. We love that their Christmas advert this year focuses on the traditional printed book, instead of browsing online through the latest gadgets. The Argos book allows children to choose various toys and games for their entertainment. This advert showcases a family enjoying a magic show put on by the children. Something we have all done! The show is surreal and enforces a magical transition between the normal living room and a theatre where all the magic works. This is a great way to convey 2020, as families around the globe have had to use their imagination for entertainment whilst being stuck inside.



    5. TK Maxx – The Lil’ Goat

    Something to brighten everyone’s day! TK Maxx has dedicated their Christmas advert to “The Lil’ Goat” this year and we love it. The advert consists of “The Lil’ Goat” strutting along the ice wearing designer clothes and bobbing its head to some music. When the farmer is asked if he brought the goat a designer outfit, he replies with “Yes, she’s had such a hard year. She blooming well deserves it.” TK Maxx was one of the first adverts to launch this year! We appreciate the creative way that they outlined how tough 2020 has been for many. Everyone deserves a gift, even if it is “The Lil’ Goat!”



    6. Dreamies – ‘Fake shake’ All It Takes Is A Shake

    One for all of the cat lovers! Dreamies Christmas advert puts a smile on many faces due to its festive humor. The advert is based on the fact that when you shake a Dreamies pouch your cat will come running, and anyone with a cat knows this! However, this advert takes it to an extreme as an army of cats chase a child through his home town, after he shook a present under the tree. A great attempt to persuade your children not to guess their gifts this year! Throughout this advert, the decorations are very traditional and Christmassy, especially the snowy town with lights on the homes. To tie the advert together Dreamies used an up-tempo Christmas classic song ‘Carol of the bells’. This added emphasis to the humor whilst building tension.



    7. Walkers – A Sausage CaRoll 

    This year the Walkers Christmas advert stars a very well-known ‘normal’ family called LadBaby. We feel that this advert has a very northern aesthetic, even down to our love for sausage rolls! Walkers have introduced the new flavor to their range of crisps and we believe it will be very popular with all pastry lovers. The advert consists of LadBaby caroling door to door (parody Christmas songs) whilst delivering walkers sausage roll crips. They are donating to The Trussel Trust with money spent on these crips in order to prevent UK hunger. Our favorite creative element within this advert is the tribute to the coca-cola truck, as LadBaby drives a red van strung with Christmas lights and a sign saying “Sausage Rolls Are Coming”.



    8. DFS – A Comfy Carol

    This year DFS has surprised many with their fantastic advert staring the beloved Wallace and Gromit. The advert also has a repeated Shaun the sheep as a musical instrument called the Ewe-phonia. During the advert, Wallace and Gromet are caroling, and a freezing gromet gazes into the warm home through the window. They are then invited in and enjoy a comfy Christmas brew. A lovely light-hearted advert for the family to enjoy!



    9. Mcdonalds – Inner Child

    Mcdonalds has done it again! Another fantastic advert for their #RaindeerReady Christmas. This year they have created an animated movie that keeps the Christmas traditions alive. This advert reminds us that life is too short and we should enjoy every moment, just like we would have when we were younger. It also shows how much parents focus on making their children’s Christmas special, no matter how hard the year has been. One of the best things about this advert is the soundtrack. The song ‘Forever Young’ perfectly explains the message behind the animation.

    During the advert, a ‘stroppy’ teenager is given a McDonald’s meal along with a packet of carrots for the reindeers, this soon builds his spirits and he embraces his inner child. This allows him to enjoy special Christmas traditions with his mum and she is overjoyed. They then leave the carrots out for the reindeer and some milk for Santa.



    10. Sainsbury’s – Christmas 2020

    This year Sainsbury’s has produced a 3 part campaign that embraces real families at Christmas. They all have their own special individuality and show that the ‘perfect Christmas’ is what you make of it. We absolutely love that Sainsbury’s have used real footage of 3 families at Christmas as we believe it is relatable and interesting to see. Their strapline #HomeIsChristmas couldn’t be more suited to the campaign. It sends a clear message that Christmas should be spent with our loved ones and making fun memories. It doesn’t get more Christmassy than that!

    Part 1 of 3 below:



    11. John Lewis – Give A Little Love

    Another creative and impressive advert by John Lewis! This year they have combined real footage and animation together. There are 7 different styles of animation that gently transition into one another. This allows the gift of love to be passed on through many characters and find its way back to the first person who gave it. This is impressive as each time the gift is received the animation style changes. It starts and ends with real footage as if it has completed a full cycle. A proper bookend story! The idea is that when one person gives the gift of love it will continue to be passed on, making the whole world a better place. We feel that each animated style shows different people’s perceptions of the world in a creative way.



    12. Tesco

    This year Tesco has produced a fun Christmas advert that suggests there is no naughty list. This is a clever strategy as 2020 has proven to be a difficult year, due to this many people feel guilty about things they shouldn’t. Tesco has decided to let everyone off the hook and enjoy Christmas! The advert consists of many individuals confessing to their bad behavior. Most of them being covid-19 related, such as washing your hands without singing happy birthday. The soundtrack being ‘Oops I Did It Again’ by Britney Spears is a great way to describe many of our actions this year.

    Another interesting fact about Tesco’s campaign is that they sponsored I’m a celebrity this year. This allowed them to recreate their advert starring kiosk Cledwyn and some of the celebrities from the castle.




    As stated before, we have enjoyed most Christmas adverts this year so we have decided to list a few more below that you should definitely watch!


    Asda – A fun family-friendly advert that keeps Christmas traditions alive.

    Coca-Cola – We all love to see the traditional truck at Christmas however, this year the coca-cola avert is extra special as the truck brings a family together for Christmas.

    Barbour – Old-fashioned illustrated animation. A fantastic Christmas story.

    Sky – Brings Idris Elba back for the second year in a row! Amazing transitions through your favorite movies.

    Pedigree – Because dogs are family too, give them lots of treats!

    Lego – Bring the toys to life for Christmas.



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