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    christmas adverts 2022 all round up top 12 plus extras

    12 Adverts of Christmas | 2022



    Christmas adverts you need to watch this year!

    It’s that time of year again at The Agency Creative, we have been reviewing all Christmas adverts to name our top 12 favourites from 2022. At The Agency, we look out for inventive and creative elements within these adverts, whilst getting ourselves into the festive spirit by watching them for hours. This year so many adverts have surprised us with their festive campaigns, so again, we have added an extra list of adverts following our top 12.


    1. ASDA | Have your Elf a Merry Christmas | Chosen as favourite by Nick at The Agency creative

    This year Asda has bagged ‘Buddy the elf’ for their Christmas campaign. This is the first time the famous elf has been licensed for brand marketing, and we are super excited about it. The filmmaking skills that were used to create this years campaign are truly impressive. Using a process called rotoscoping, Buddy was taken out of the original film and placed in one of our favourite supermarkets. We believe this classic Christmas movie is a great way to get viewers into the festive spirit. 


    2. Aldi | Home Alone

    This November we entered the first-ever winter World Cup and Aldi has cleverly incorporated this into their Christmas campaign. Their famous carrot did not disappoint this year as he was joined by various food-themed footballers such as; ‘Ronaldi’, ‘Messy’, ‘Macaroony’, and ‘Beth Swede’. Following this creative advert, Aldi released a second part to the story where Kevin is left ‘Home alone’ recreating the Christmas classic movie. During his time alone, Kevin the Carrot builds various traps to battle off an intruder, before reuniting with his family. Absolutely brilliant!


    3. McDonald’s | The List

    Continuing their #AreYouReindeerReady campaign with yet another heartwarming story, McDonalds highlights the importance of family for their Christmas advert this year. They express how the small moments spent with loved ones can be much more valuable than the items we’ve listed for Santa. We can all agree that a family McDonald’s trip is definitely an enjoyable one, especially during the festive period.


    4. John Lewis | The Beginner

    The advert that we’ve all waited for. John Lewis has truly impressed us with their campaign message this year. Expressing the importance of fostering, by explaining that over 108,000 children are in the UK care system, the ad consists of a couple who are awaiting the arrival of their foster child in time for Christmas. The father learns how to skateboard after repeatedly failing, all to give the child a small gift of a shared passion, making her feel welcome. A simple but moving way to raise awareness for the cause. Here at the Agency, we are obsessed with the soundtrack to this advert, with the cover of Blink 182’s ‘Small things’ reinforcing the idea of gifting small to create a big impact. 


    5. Disney | The Gift | Chosen as favourite by Jess at The Agency creative

    Following their previous Christmas adverts, Disney delivered the final chapter of their #FromOurFamilyToYours campaign. This heartwarming story celebrates the magic of family, festive traditions, and making memories. It shows how family traditions are passed down to new generations, including our favourite Disney toys and movies. Since the launch of this campaign in 2020, Disney will have committed support worth more than $4m to its charity partner, Make-A-Wish®. A fantastic charity that helps to fulfil the dreams of Children And Young Adults With Serious & Life-Limiting Conditions.


    6. Barbour | One of a kind-ness | Chosen as favourite by Jordan at The Agency creative

    Paddington bear has returned for this year’s Barbour campaign, in another traditional Christmas story. The stunningly illustrated animation captures the spirit of Christmas, whilst relaying the importance of giving. Being a team of creatives, we can’t deny that the visuals are truly remarkable within this campaign. The animation sees Paddington wandering through a snowy Windsor Gardens as he searches for the perfect present. Celebrating acts of kindness, Paddington visits a Barbour shop to buy Mr Curry a new coat.

    “Written by Michael Bond, and illustrated by Peggy Fortnum, the first book, ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ was released in 1958 and remains a children’s firm favourite. Our special Christmas film features the original Peggy Fortnum illustration style, which has only ever been animated by Barbour.” – Barbour Team


    7. Lidl | The Story of Lidl Bear

    Christmas characters have become a must for many brands during the festive season. Lidl has stumbled onto the platform by introducing their new brand mascot ‘Lidl Bear’ for this year’s advert. The advert tells the story of ‘Lidl Bear’, who gets his very own version of the infamous Lidl jumper. Unfortunately the ‘Lidl Bear’ isn’t available for purchase this year, however, toys can be donated through the supermarket to those in need. 


    8. Amazon | Joy Is Made

    Amazon’s Christmas campaign this year celebrates the idea that thoughtful and inventive gifts can bring the most joyful experiences. This heartwarming story shows a father who is inspired to create a life-size snowy experience in a greenhouse for his daughter, all because she was fascinated with her snow globe. 


    9. Boots | Joy For All 

    This year’s Christmas campaign, starring BAFTA-nominated actress Lydia West, tells the story of a magical pair of glasses that reveal the true desires of others when worn. This is an inventive way to showcase the variety of gift ideas available at the store. When the glasses are worn they transform her surroundings into a festive winter wonderland. This is a great way to show a comparison between boring average days and exciting days during Christmas time.


    10. Tesco | The Christmas Party | Chosen as favourite by David at The Agency creative

    Amid an economic crisis, Tesco has thrown anger toward our politicians in an interesting way for their Christmas campaign this year. Starting the video with snowy British landscapes and a narrative of ‘Britain, there’s a joy shortage’ in an obvious reference to the recent news events. They have formed the Tesco ‘Christmas party’ in order to help the nation stand up for joy this Christmas, as for many this year has been a struggle. We love the way Tesco explores real issues.


    11. The National Lottery | A Christmas Love Story

    This creative Christmas advert explores the possibility of a lucky lottery win during the festive period. The story depicts an acute meeting of 2 people who manage to find each other again when the odds are against them. The woman catches a piece of paper that the man dropped, and later in the advert she tries her hardest to reunite him with what happened to be his winning lottery ticket. 


    12. Celebrations | Bring Back Bounty

    There’s been a lot of talk already this year with the Celebrations ‘bounty’ being canceled. Following on from their humorous advert last year Celebrations have taken the lonely bounty to another extreme, however, this time they have made a twist in the story, where the bounty is considered to be loved by many, including his peers such as; Maltesers, and Twix.


    We hope you enjoyed our top 12 Christmas advert reviews. Overall, we are amazed at the festive campaigns this year and can’t wait to see what 2023 brings. Until then, here’s a few more that are worth watching. Merry Christmas.






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    Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.

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      Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.


      Call Us 0161 941 4615