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    6 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home This Spring


    Branding   |   Design

    At The Agency Creative, we love to find inspiration surrounding us and share our creativity. Our design team is excited to embrace Spring and has listed a few ways to unleash your designer flair and brighten up your home this Easter.

    As a result of the pandemic, many of us have got used to working from home. Whilst this can become repetitious and dull, we believe that Spring decorating and tidying can brighten up your home space. The same principles we use in graphic design and web design: balance, simplicity and clarity, can help to create domestic harmony too. Applying these same design principles in a home setting can help bring your surroundings to life. Pastels, florals, and bright accents will freshen up any room.


    Spring Wreaths

    Firstly, why not have a wreath for every occasion? This is one of the most impressive and exciting ways to showcase your creativity and a well-used element in logo design and branding. The circular shape has the meaning of eternity and repeated process – something that most businesses look to replicate. There are many ways to create an Easter/Spring wreath. With the use of twigs, twine, toy chicks and eggs in blue, soft pink, and lemon yellow you can create something unique and inspiring. Colour is a critical element of the design process.

    easter wreath spring decor decorating tips diy



    Secondly, this is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the brighter months. Once the sun is shining, your garden will become your favourite place to relax. Why not decorate your garden for Easter whilst planting your favourite flowers and foods? The principles of focal points and symmetry are established principles of both garden and logo design. Whilst doing the garden, you could also find the perfect places to hide those delicious chocolate eggs. Another great way to spruce up your garden for spring is to plant some colourful flowers in watering cans. Gardening is also a great remedy for your mental health.

    We take a lot of inspiration from nature and gardens at The Agency and as a result, often find that they are useful when creating a mood board for clients. Mood boards can help with nailing down your colour palette and as a first step in defining your visual identity for your brand. You could also use Pinterest as a search engine for design inspiration. It gives you prettier image results than Google and has a huge library of photos.

    easter garden decor decoration spring diy creative ideas



    Thirdly, nothing says Easter like some colourful egg features throughout your home! Perfect in design, the egg is one of nature’s most simple and meaningful features. It’s a great way to get imaginative and create some unique decorations. This can be done using real or fake eggs. Hand-painted eggs can be a very impressive way to decorate for the occasion. Moreover, it’s also a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy together.

    Colour establishes a brand image and the colourful Easter eggs provide plenty of inspiration for our design team. Here at The Agency Creative, we work with brands requiring a more accurate definition of their current colour, or who are undertaking a comprehensive rebrand and shift in their use of colour. For example, we recently provided our client, Blocsphere with a wide variety of colour options to consider for their Rebrand.  After careful consideration yellow, dark navy, and white became the perfect choice to build the brand as it was a distinctive palette that differentiates Blocsphere from other property management competitor businesses.

    creative eggs easter spring decorating decorations features



    Fourthly, bring Mother Nature indoors as flowers are now starting to bloom, and pops of colour start to emerge in homes. Spring is a season that naturally emits hope! It really is a stunning way to brighten up your home whilst we welcome the warmer days. Flower arrangements can have a huge impact on all your decorations. For instance, a simple and easy way to achieve a beautiful centrepiece is by placing some flowers within a glass jar. Floral elements are something we often incorporate in branding and design. Pinterest has a huge selection of gorgeous Easter centrepieces for design inspiration.

    flowers spring jar centrepiece home decorating summer


    Spring Characters

    Fifthly, there are many ways to create decorations for your home, one of our favourites is to create your own Spring insects and animal characters. For instance, you can create them through, knitting, crocheting, felting, and much more. Or you can simply help small businesses and purchase some hand-made crafts of your choice. This is a perfect way to add some character to your home at Easter.

    Spring is also the start of the beekeeping season as flowers and nectar start appearing. The excitement of Spring is multiplied by the gradual reappearance of bees flying to and fro as they enter and exit the hive.

    The Agency Creative designed a distinctive bee emblem for the BuzzBalm® brand. The contemporary visual identity for the BuzzBalm® brand. is prominent across the brand’s products, along with complimentary modern and classic fonts to give the brand legacy and heritage.

    easter characters animals chicks bunnys rabbits crochet knit felt handmade ideas decor


    Easter Treats!

    Finally, the most delicious way to decorate your home for Spring is to fill it with fun Easter treats and baked goods. Anything from ‘cornflake cakes’ to ‘mini egg brownies’ will fill your home with yummy fragrances. Above all, they also stand out as great decorations! In addition, this is one of the most enjoyable activities to do, either by yourself or with the family.

    easter bakes treats sweets cakes food decorations ideas home cook homemade handmade diy

    Listed below are some stores for cheap and cheerful DIY/craft materials.

    Amazon, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, The Range, Hobby Craft, Wilko’s, Etsy, Ebay

    In conclusion, we hope that this blog gives you some inspiration and enjoyment for your home at Easter or even some inspiration for the Brand Vision for your business.

    The Agency loves to come up with Brand solutions through inspired creativity – all developed collaboratively with our clients.


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    Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.

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      Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.


      Call Us 0161 941 4615