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    all team during self isolation

    Coronavirus | Top 10 Tips For Self Isolation



    During these unfortunate and upsetting times, chances are you are socially distancing to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. We understand the difficulty in the situation and our team have been keeping in touch through online chats and video calls from home.

    We wanted to help you all understand the ways in which this situation is affecting everyone. The outbreak has progressed bit by bit and has sadly affected businesses, freelancers, and all individuals. Businesses rely on clients and other businesses, they work on building relationships and unfortunately when something like this hits home it causes a disruption in many ways.

    We are experiencing the domino effect first hand but have been sharing ideas on how to keep ourselves occupied and happy. Our most important job is to make sure we help each other and ourselves. It has recently come to light that social distancing can harm mental and physical health. It can have a massive impact on every individual. We would like to share 10 of our ideas and experiences on how to prevent this or just make it a little easier.


    1.  Exercise


    Although exercise sounds dreadful to some of us it can actually be really enjoyable. General workouts are really good to keep you motivated and feeling good, however other forms of exercise can also do this. For example, Trampolines are really easy and fun, they are also one of the best activities you can do to keep fit. Yoga is really good for strength and mental wellness. Running, riding, walking, and dancing are also great things to do during this time.


    2. Clear Out 


    Keeping your surroundings clear is a great way to keep your mind clear. This can work in many ways. Cleaning out your house and wardrobe can make you feel great and provides more open space. There is nothing worse than living in clutter. Another thing to clean is your car, this is a great way of looking forward and preparing for the good days outside of quarantine. Clear up your technical gadgets, if you spend a lot of time on a screen then this is perfect to give you some clear space.


    3. Stay Connected 


    Social distancing can feel very lonely. Make sure you connect with friends and family virtually. This is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends or ones you haven’t had much time for lately. Make future plans with people to give everyone something to look forward to, including yourself. All casual activities you could be doing with friends and family can still be done through online chats and video calls, such as watching TV or having a few drinks etc.


    4. Organise Your Days 


    A planned routine is a great way to stay motivated and busy. All the things you could be doing will work best if you schedule them into your days. Cleaning, learning, chilling, sleeping and eating. Make sure to prioritise work (If you can work from home) if not then do something else productive such as walking your dog.


    5. Listen To Music & Podcasts


    Listening to the radio, your own playlists, and watching music videos is a great way to stay entertained and keep updated with the outside world. Remember that this is your time to listen to all your guilty pleasures, and enjoy it. Singing along to music can really boost your attitude so if no one else is around you can be as loud as you want.


    6. Learn Something New


    Why not do all the things you have previously never had time for? Learn a new language, especially if you love to travel. Find a new hobby or learn how to play an instrument. You never know what you can achieve so you might as well use this time productively. Daily skills are a great thing to develop such as cooking and baking. Yes, you can make them fancy cakes you see on the TV!


    7. Read 


    Reading is a great way to let time pass by. Although some of us might find it hard to read, it’s actually really useful to keep your mind healthy. Maybe try a magazine, or online blogs if books aren’t your thing.


    8. Be Creative & DIY 


    Put your creativity to use and make something productive or silly if you prefer. Having a laugh is definitely recommended through this time. Colouring books are actually very calming and therapeutic, along with scrapbooking and activity books. Another useful creative task is to handmake gifts, keepsakes or household items. Why not try some gardening? Whilst being stuck at home, your garden is going to be your favourite place during the sunny days. For those of you who love to fix things, look around your home, DIY is very productive and satisfying. Take the toolbox out of your car boot and use your imagination.


    9. Watch TV & Play Games 


    Remember that TV show you wanted to watch with 6 seasons of 20 episodes? Yes, you can watch that now and chat with all your friends who recommended it. Movies are very entertaining and a great way to pass time, they also leave loads of room for virtual conversations with your friends and family. You can now watch TV together on Netflix and use an online chat they provide. Just remember if they pause so do you.  Another great thing to do is play games. Video games are really entertaining and are also a great way to connect with your friends. Using the Nintendo Wii can be really useful for keeping active, it is also very enjoyable.


    10. Relax


    Some of you might be tied to a house full with no time for the above. Not to worry, family time can also be very entertaining. Try out some of our tips but get the whole family involved. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself during this time.


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    Whatever the size of the project we're happy to help. From branding your start-up, refreshing your existing identity to creating a new website. Fill in your details below and we will be in touch.

      Call Us 0161 941 4615

      Email Usinfo@theagencycreative.co.uk