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    Content & Copy

    Producing engaging content is what many companies who work with us strive for yet they don’t always seem to get it right. That is why they come to us, because as a Marketing Company in Cheshire we can create memorable content on their behalf that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of their communication.

    Website Content

    Not only is copy and its tone important when making a connection with your audience, it can have a real influence on how Google views the relevance of your website as well. Natural and free flowing copy is an indicator of high quality and relevant content and Google will reward this as it wants the users of its search engine to find websites that meet their need through merit, and not trickery. To be honest, no-one outside of Google really knows everything about their algorithm, however, we do know that content is king when it comes to website rankings, therefore this is an area of marketing that is critical to get right. 


    When it comes to content, regular and informative blogging is an essential element of any website strategy. Your customers and prospects need to see you as an active source of information, an expert in your field. When looked at as a part of web design, blogging is less about begging for sales, and more about engaging and re-engaging your audience, bringing them closer to your business and developing an emotional connection that could eventually influence their buying decisions to your advantage.

    Social Media Management

    Much like blogging, a lively social media presence helps to increase awareness of your company and adds a touch more personality to your brand. We will work with you to adopt a strategic and considered approach to each platform – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram , etc., – meaning you can effectively engage with prospective and existing customers through timely, relevant and shareable posting. We pay special attention to who your audience is and which platforms they are active on as this dictates where the activity should be focussed. It can seem like a daunting task to manage multiple platforms but we have many tools at our disposal, such as Buffer and Hootsuite that will schedule and post automatically. One important thing to remember is that introducing movement into social media graphics can be a great way to increase engagement.

    Copywriting Services

    A beautifully designed piece of marketing needs to be supported by powerful written content. These two things in combination will give your company the best chance of success. Not only will quality copywriting draw the reader in and encourage them to find out more about your company, but it will demonstrate professionalism and allow you to convey your brand’s true personality through tone and style. Think about your audience and what constitutes the right tone, language and complexity for them. Getting this wrong can at best encourage people to ignore your message and at worst alienate you from them. We work with a range of businesses, charities and public information bodies in Manchester, Cheshire and beyond, where getting the right tone of voice is the critical element of the marketing message. Engaging with vulnerable young people for example, requires a very different tone and approach to that of a business to business brand. We are, however, capable of turning our hand to either.

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