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    Digital, Social Media & SEO

    Your website is your shop window to a local, national, and international audience so it needs to look beautiful to sell your business, product, or service effectively. Once your website has been developed, you just sit back and watch it appear at the top of Google for relevant search terms – right? Wrong! If it was only that simple. Here at The Agency Creative we can provide you with a strong Digital strategy and SEO service.

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    Digital Strategy

    A strong digital strategy is essential to enable you to build up a flow of relevant visitors to your website. We often combine various digital marketing tactics including social media posting on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, targeted E-Shots, and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is all done as part of a wider marketing strategy from our design studio in Cheshire.


    Your site may look like a million dollars, but if it’s lurking on page four of the search listings, it’s worthless. As any site is being designed there needs to be a clever balance between aesthetics and careful construction that adheres to the very strict guidelines of the major search engines such as Google. If your site is built in an SEO-friendly way and subject to a planned and well-executed SEO campaign, you can sit back and watch it rest at the top of the rankings gleefully receiving plenty of high-quality traffic.

    Google is the search engine used by 90% of users, and there have been major algorithm updates over the past few years, most recently Penguin 4.0. In a nutshell, Google wants its users to get the most relevant results available. The latest Google update builds on earlier Penguin initiatives which have rewarded great content and natural linking structures. The rewards just come more quickly with this latest update. Conversely, reverting to older techniques that Google sees as spammy and in effect trying to cheat the system will result in quicker penalties for that web domain. There are no shortcuts these days.

    As a company that offers Web Design in Cheshire, we specialize in developing websites that not only reflect your brand but are also easy to find in the search listings for relevant terms. We appreciate that people are increasingly browsing the web on mobile devices, and so our responsive designs provide an excellent user experience from entry through to enquiry or, better still, purchase!

    Social Media

    Your branding is automatically applied to your website, but there is also a huge range of communication channels that need to be considered, and your digital strategy should consider each of these as part of the digital network. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, each of your Social Media channels should be designed to complement one another and assist in building brand recognition. You will likely be engaging with your market in multiple locations across the web, so consistency is critical.

    Email Marketing

    With countless emails cluttering up inboxes on a daily basis it can be very tricky to make yours stand out from the crowd and beg to be opened. Through efficient targeting, clever subject lines that pique the interest of recipients, and content that entices them to click through to your landing pages, we can make email one of your most effective channels. Think carefully about data capture as well – you need first names and live email addresses in order to make this marketing effort a success as a personalized email has for more impact. Email marketing for businesses is normally less about selling and more about informing, educating, and adding value to the recipient. With this approach brand awareness and positive perceptions grow over time as consistent and well-delivered messages land in inboxes.

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