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    Graphic Design

    Creating a great first impression is crucial when it comes to turning a prospect into a customer. The most effective way to go about this is to make sure everything that you produce looks amazing.

    An engaging visual style is an important element of the branding process and our team of in-house Graphic Designers can create an exciting style to bring your business messaging to life. However you need to convey a message, we can make sure that it has the maximum impact by developing a graphic design style that is unique and sets you apart from the competition. Styling can take many forms, from the development of vector graphic to a photographic led approach. Combined with the right typography and wording, we can deliver designs that will help your business convey it’s offerings clearly with a distinct personality and style.


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    Powerful and eye-catching design can speak volumes about your business.

    Even the most fleeting glimpse of a brochure, web page or banner can attach itself in the subconscious of a potential customer – so we will make sure that it not only looks the part but has the ability to make a deeper connection with your audience.


    The creation of graphics to tell a story is certainly nothing new. We have to go back a long, long way to uncover it’s origins. As far back in fact as the cave drawings of animals that have been discovered in the South of France dating back to 30,000 BC. So, the principle of visualising things in order to tell a story is certainly well established and no less important today as it was back then, some 30,000 years ago!

    The modern world is full of messages and visuals across different media types, and they all fight for our attention. We lead busy lives and time is ever more precious, and so very often we have only a few seconds to distinguish between a message that is worth further exploration or instant dismissal.

    When it comes to graphic design, some fundamental questions need to be addressed. What is it you want to say about your business? Who do you want your branding to connect with? And what actions do you want your marketing activity to encourage?

    Once we have considered these key questions we need to assess the very best way to communicate these answers, This is about, and very often reliant upon, effective and well considered graphic design. Graphic design is the essential ingredient that ensures your message does the job you want it to, rather then being consigned to obscurity.

    Design is a process of invention.


    The creative process which drives the output of a graphic designer seeks to invent a visual message through graphics comprising various elements, fonts, illustrations, photography, words and colour.

    The output of this should offer the audience a message which is unique, distinctive, and ultimately different to anything else that exists in the marketplace. This is true whether we are designing for advertising, promotional material, digital or print.

    Our belief is that great graphic design has the following characteristics – distinctiveness, simplicity, and visual impact. Getting this right means an increased likelihood of audience engagement and the fulfillment of ‘calls to action’.

    A simple fact – Great design sells.

    This is why our clients rely on our services as a Graphic Design Agency in Manchester to help them keep their sales pipeline flowing.

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