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    Logo Design

    It is important to remember that a logo is not your brand. However, logo design is certainly an essential element of the branding process as it is often the first thing that people will associate with your business. Therefore involving a company that offers logo design in Cheshire to help you with the design of your logo is advised as it is a vital element of your visual branding and overall identity. Therefore it is really important that it reflects your unique value proposition, personality, and ethos so that it provides a true reflection and representation of your business offering.

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    When we talk about your value proposition, we are talking about the way that you source products, how you deal with customers and suppliers and the experience that you have to offer. Businesses take on particular characteristics and have a distinct personality too, just like people. It is often said that a brand is how people describe you when you are not in the room, and this is equally true of both individuals and commercial enterprises A logo or brand-mark is a stamp which represents the essence of your brand experience.

    A logo design is likely to be made up of a typeface detailing the name of the business, a graphical device which applies meaning and possibly a strap line to provide further clarity about the services provided or the experience on offer. Careful analysis of your market landscape and the competitors within it is very useful when setting the direction of your logo design project. Appearing different and distinct is a good start when it comes to standing out from the crowd. As much as you might admire another player in the marketplace, striving to develop a unique design style is advisable. The right choice of font is also important when considering logo design. A font can convey a range of characteristics such as approachability, playfulness, professionalism or fun. As such careful matching of font characteristics to your brand is critical when you are looking to create an accurate and positive brand image.

    The market in which you operate also might dictate how you present yourself. Accountants or financial advisors, for example, would also want to appear professional and certainly not too creative. Colour can also induce different emotions which must be taken into consideration. For example, navy blue is a safe, traditional and trustworthy colour which will work well for some businesses but completely miss the mark with others as the wrong conclusions could be drawn. Again, to avoid blending in and risking obscurity, the colours used by competitors should always be avoided. Logos often feature a symbol or other graphical device. Careful thought should be given to developing a shape or icon that encapsulates your brand and value proposition. It could be vectorised, or even hand-illustrated but should always be instant in it’s meaning so that it resonates with the target audience. Simplicity is a key ingredient for a logo design. How many recognisable trademarks do you know that aren’t simple? Simplicity provides recognition, clarity and strong meaning. In practical terms, it is important that a logo can be scaled up and also down in size so that it can be applied to a wide range of materials, stationery and email footers. A logo that is overly complex will not scale up or down well, and the meaning can, therefore, get lost.

    Social Media is a huge consideration these days as well. The opportunity to use a logo on many platforms dictates that there should at least be a square variation that can be applied to Twitter and other social media platforms. Perhaps you are developing a branded app? A letterbox shaped logo will not transfer well to an app store icon. Once your logo design is approved it should then only ever be applied within brand guidelines to ensure consistent and proper use of the logo across different platforms and by different members of staff. A list of do’s and dont’s is important when guiding people on usage and application.

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