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    Great imagery is a vital ingredient for many branding projects. Bespoke photography requires careful planning, but is well worth the investment in time and budget. When it comes to people, the photoshoot projects we manage can cover everything from headshots, team interactions, reportage style shoots and lifestyle statements using professional models. Our service also covers food and drink photography as well as detailed product photography.

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    There is a vast array of imagery available for use that can be found in stock libraries. They are generally inexpensive and easily available, however, the danger with this sort of imagery is that it may crop on many other people’s website – including your competitors.

    Also, you may have something very specific in mind for the imagery you want, a certain type of person doing a certain type of thing in a very particular way for example. The chances of a stock library being able to meet that expectation is very low, so you should be prepared to compromise your requirement in exchange for a low cost and near instant supply. We have access to the main libraries such as IStock, Fotalia and Deposit Photos and will do our upmost to source the most suitable imagery to meet a particular brief.

    By far the best way to capture exactly what you want, a photoshoot allows far more control over the results and as such, it should be well planned and carefully considered. A photoshoot can take place almost anywhere and a prioritised list should, therefore, be drawn up to document what you need to capture. This way the day can revolve around meeting the objectives of this list. You need to think about who will be involved, which locations will be used, timings, access and lighting conditions as well.

    Plastic or miniature models

    Fancy doing something a bit different? Commonly photoshoots involve humans and lots of them. However, we have constructed sets for clients using handmade bespoke models. This creates a very engaging, interesting and intriguing feel which will enable a brand to position itself in a very different way. One to consider definitely.


    You may wish to feature staff, partners or other willing parties in your photo shoot, but you should be aware of the implications if that person was to leave your company further down the line. Have they signed a consent form?  Professional models could be considered as a way to overcome this issue however their fees will eat into your budget. Usage rights are another area that needs discussing and negotiating from the outset. Another thing to think about is, is your shoot in a public area? If so, then care must be taken to keep bystanders out of shot and anonymous at all times.

    Corporate Headshots

    Many businesses like to present their staff on their website, so capturing staff members well is important. A consistent backdrop with good lighting and encouraging people to smile are some of the key things to consider when undertaking a shoot.

    Food Photography

    A type of photography that is so easy to get wrong – poor food photography is perhaps the worst of all. To get it right, you need to book someone who has experience in shooting food. Lighting is key, as is freshly prepared food – dishes can’t be left hanging around as that will come across in the imagery. Glazing it with oil can help refresh things but as we have found from our brochure design in Manchester work serving up fresh food and shooting it straight away is the best way to get things right.


    Your own business offices are obviously controlled environments and permission isn’t an issue, however, it is important to clarify whether third party locations are permissible to use for photography.  Some commercial areas in Manchester or market towns in Cheshire, for example, are privately owned and policed by their own security. These guys won’t hesitate to give marching orders to those who are filming or shooting without prior permission or a license, so always check this out first.

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