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    Video & Motion Graphics

    Nothing tells a story better than a well-produced video or motion graphics and it’s a known fact that it’s a great way to draw people to your site and keep them there. Search engines love media and they are keen to reward you for your efforts.

    We can provide you with a comprehensive video production and motion graphics service that covers all of your video needs from beginning to end; from scriptwriting and storyboards through to shoots, edits and post-production. So whether you want a two-minute video creating in the office or a one-hour video on location, we have all the tools you need to ensure the end product is an engaging and high-quality piece of media.

    Interview & Corporate Video

    Drone Footage & Lifestyle

    Engaging Promotional Teaser

    Product Showcasing & Application

    Documentary style interview

    E-learning Slideshow style

    These days customers expect companies to produce video, either to showcase their services or to walk customers through a product or process. A good video will resonate with the viewer, and they will take in what they have seen to a much greater degree than just by reading a block of text. This means that your brand will be in their mind for a much longer time. So why not wow them with some high-quality footage or dynamic motion graphics, not forgetting that this type of content can also boost your SEO profile too? Video on landing pages can also have a huge impact on conversions, increasing the likelihood of a desire action by up to 80%, perhaps even more so on mobile devices.

    We can shoot and build up a collection of attention-grabbing images that are unique to your business and perfectly complement your written content and visual identity. When using real people within your video, you may wish to consider hiring models, however, if the budget won’t allow, then asking loyal clients, friends or family can be the way to approach it. Enthusiasm is the key here. The props and tools used will depend on the type of product or business that is being showcased. For aerial shots of wide-open spaces, then a drone equipped with an HD GoPro camera can add an extra dimension to your videos.

    Animated  Explainer Video
    & Professional Voice Over

    If your objective is to purely illustrate how a product works, perhaps to an audience that is already engaged and needs to see a literal walk through of a product and all its features, then a demonstration video is often the answer. Using a software product as an example, we would combine a series of screenshots with a well crafted and an easy to follow script. Strong use of branding, smooth transitions and calls to action carry equal importance as well.

    If your video requires a voiceover, we work with professionals in this field to guarantee the vocal delivery complements and enhances the visuals on screen. We have access to an extensive range of artists who can provide a breadth of tones, styles and personality.

    Services and Benefits Animation

    Technical Solution Animation

    Explainer Video Animation

    Demo App Animation

    CGI & Walk Through Video

    One of the main advantages of using walkthrough animations for architectural and residential projects is the ability to market development before it has been built.  Help your customers experience their potential purchase with a 3D show home animation prior to construction. Walkthrough 3D animations can be used in a wide range of platforms; website marketing, marketing sales suites, and social media.

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