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    Our Top 5 Website Design Trends For 2022


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    Here at The Agency Creative, we offer website design as one of our main services. We work with clients to create bespoke and responsive websites for their brand. We build websites that are customised to achieve our clients’ goals. Our designs are user-friendly and aim to accomplish maximum results.

    As experienced designers, we are always searching for the best ways to build strong-performing websites. Here is a list of our top 5 website design trends for 2022.


    1. Side Navigation

    Opting for a side navigation menu allows you to beautifully showcase all of the most important content about your business. This does not mean you have to discount other internal pages. The pages on your menu can hold the most impactful information along with suitable links for viewers to engage with. Good navigation can allow visitors to search through your site for longer, giving them confidence in the services they can receive. This design option works incredibly well for mobile users, as they often scroll vertically in an automatic response. This is a perfect way to enhance your SEO.

    Visit ENSO, a website we designed using a side navigation menu.

    Or view the ENSO case study here.


    2. Bold Colour Choices

    Give your brand a statement! If your brand is loud, cultural, or just incredibly interesting then this might be the trend for you. This style isn’t the perfect fit for everyone, however, when bold colours are used in the correct way they can create stunning websites. Enhancing visuals with strong colour combinations is a great way to drive interest.

    Visit Indian Tiffin Room, a website and brand that we designed with a strong colour palette.

    Or view the Indian Tiffin Room case study here.


    3. Minimalism

    Simplicity is key when it comes to designing a website, especially with today’s minimalistic trends. It provides a sense of safety for viewers whilst allowing them to navigate through your site easily. A great way to enhance simplicity whilst working with a large amount of content is to keep ‘user experience’ in mind. Information can be stored within interactive elements, separate PDFs, brochures, and other internal pages. Keep organised when it comes to designing a website, always try to create an initial site map to refer back to, or simply cut back on information and content.

    Visit Blocsphere, a clean and minimalistic website we designed, with various interactive elements.

    Or view the Blocsphere case study here.


    4. Cinematic Headers

    Large videos and photographic headers are a fantastic way to show off your brand. They give the homepage a stronger overall look whilst increasing immediate interest from viewers. The trick is to reduce the amount of text when using a cinematic header. If you would like an overlaying statement make sure it’s readable and impactful.

    Visit NQ64, a website we designed using a strong video header.

    Or visit the NQ64 case study here.


    5. Illustration & Animation

    Illustrations are a great way to personalise your brand. Graphics provide visual information, add colour, and give structure to website content, all whilst reinforcing your brand. The main benefit of using illustrations throughout your website is to help viewers comprehend what they are reading. Adding motion to illustrations is a fantastic way to drive attention to a focal area.

    Visit C Probe, a website we designed with strong illustrations and Animation.

    Or visit the C Probe case study here.


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