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    Case Study

    Kimpton Clocktower Hotel

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    Industrial Glamour In the Heart of Manchester City Centre

    With its Victorian architecture and fresh approach to hospitality, Kimpton Clocktower Hotel is the perfect expression of its setting: Manchester, a city where tradition and modernity meet and where artisanship reigns supreme. Housed in a magnificent terracotta Grade II–listed building, Kimpton Clocktower has a history that dates back to 1890, when the building first opened as The Refuge Assurance Company headquarters.

    Today, it’s a destination where glamour and luxury meet one-of-a-kind craftsmanship—and where there are new things to discover at every turn.

    From The Palace to The Principal and now The Kimpton Clocktower, we have been providing this famous building with design and marketing services every step of the way. With its beautiful glass dome and signature bronze horse sculpture, this hotel has preserved its important historic background with raw, real artisan touches. We are proud to have been on this ongoing journey throughout various name changes and watching it transform. We are keen to continue to showcase just how special this iconic Victorian building really is.


    History Book and Display Boards

    We were tasked with bringing the unique history of this Mancunian building to life in the form of a printed history book that guests can enjoy as they relax at the hotel. Stylised to reflect the charm of the original era, the book is full of fascinating imagery and facts from years gone by, helping to communicate what is truly incredible about a stay at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel. We also created a series of display boards to be placed around the hotel, inviting guests to learn more about the hotels interesting and distinctive features.


    Postcards – We designed and printed a selection of postcards to be sold in the Corner Shop at the hotel. These postcards highlight the experience of Kimpton Hotels – making each property personal to its location. A selection of postcards celebrate the iconic Manchester street art throughout the city, reiterating the individuality and bold, playful approach that the Kimpton brand aims to convey.

    Tote Bag – As part of the marketing materials, we created playful illustrations of The Kimpton Clocktower Hotel and Bill Kimpton (the founder of The Kimpton Hotel Group) to be printed on tote bags.


    Hand Illustrated Map

    We were tasked with creating a map of Manchester highlighting key buildings and landmarks throughout the city. A hand-drawn approach was utilised to make it feel personal and in keeping with the Kimpton style.

    Medlock Rooms Wall Graphics

    We were tasked to create an identity for the ‘Medlock Rooms’ in the Kimpton Hotel to give the area more character and a distinct feel. We created a logo for the area as well as a wall mural that would appear throughout the corridors en route to the Medlock Rooms. All of the directional graphics have a connection to the River Medlock.

    Manchester Running and Cycling Routes Map

    A cross-fold pocket sized leaflet designed to inform guests of the best running and cycling routes around Manchester.

    Principal Corner Shop

    Pop up desk cards used at the Corner Shop and printed tote bags featuring a hand drawn illustration fo the iconic clocktower face.

    Large Format Print

    As part of The Palace’s renovation we were involved in creating large format printed boards to help promote the hotels transformation in the heart of Manchester.

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