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    Case Study

    MAG IT – Secure IT Services and Solutions Brand

    • branding
    • design
    • digital
    • motion-graphics
    • print
    • web-design

    MAG IT deliver secure IT services and solutions across Manchester Airport Group operations and many of their services are provided to London Stanstead and East Midlands airports as well as to third parties such as airlines, ground handlers and retailers.

    We were delighted when MAG IT  asked The Agency Creative to develop their brand, involving creating a new logo, website and snapshot brochure, to showcase their 25 products to highlight that MAG IT are experts in not only delivering airport IT services but also in optimising the potential of business operations.

    As the global aviation and tourism industry starts up again following the Covid-19 crisis, advances and expertise in delivering secure IT services and solutions will enable much stronger collaboration between airports, airlines, ground handlers, air traffic managers, suppliers and retailers, and make their interactions seamless and faster. This should also help airports and airlines manage Covid-era regulations.

    MAG IT was already familiar with The Agency Creative’s design work, due to our involvement over the last 3 years with literature, advertisements and a new website for the Manchester Airport transformation programme (MAN-TP), part of their vision to become a top 10 European airport and one of two primary international gateways in the UK, sitting at the heart of a super-connected Northern transport network.


    The Agency created the MAG IT logo with the aim of having a clear brand connection with the MAG ( Manchester Airport Group) Brand, but also to have a distinctive stand-alone feeling.

    Taking the foundations of the MAG logo, we inverted the distinctive MAG symbol and placed ‘IT‘ in a circle, showcasing that IT is at the core of their business operations.


    The MAG IT website was designed and developed by The Agency Creative to act as the central site for all Information Technology needs. The website prominently features a technical wave that moves in a constant flowing motion along the header, to represent the ease and efficiency of the brand’s IT solutions.

    The website uses a simple colour palette and is easy to navigate. It features a grid of products available shown by icons, with simple headings which can be selected individually to tell the user more about the product or to request further information or a quote. This is done by completing an online form to provide any specific details and technical information that will be useful for the Mag IT team to provide the user with a quotation.


    MAG IT also required a brochure to show a snapshot of their services and the products that they offer, and this can be downloaded from their homepage on the new website: MAG-IT-BROCHURE.pdf (

    Jacqueline Shalks

    IT Marketing & Communications Manager

    Throughout the MAG IT branding and website project, the communication and support from the team at The Agency Creative were excellent. Throughout the project, they consistently delivered with integrity, professionalism and
    creativity - it was very clear how passionate they are at what they do and the pride in which they deliver.
    They have been a great team to work with and I would happily recommend them to others

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