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    Case Study

    Manchester Airport

    Manchester airport, is the leading airport in the North of England and often referred to at the UK’s Global Gateway in the North. As part of the current transformation project, changes are now taking place are on an unprecedented scale. The transformation has included the extension of Terminal 2 and many other upgrades around future security and the airport passenger experience in general. This change is bringing huge benefits to the area, in terms of job creation and economic generation. Many more routes are now coming, to key locations in China and West Coast America. We have worked closely with the airport’s transformation team to develop literature, advertisements and websites to both inform and educate on the airport’s exciting regeneration.

    Video Animation

    MAG Group has launched a series of video animations called ‘Your airport journey explained’. They have been adapted and personalised across all three airports (London Stansted Airport, Manchester Airport, and East Midlands Airport).

    The aim of these videos is to raise awareness about the multiple partners and companies that are integrated into the airports and make journeys happen. The videos let passengers know whom they should address regarding different enquiry types.

    Booking and Arriving at the airport

    At the Border video

    85th Anniversary – Infographic video 

    Transformation Programme Website 

    The Manchester Airport Transformation Programme website was designed and developed by The Agency Creative to act as the central information hub for every stage of the development process. This includes new pier openings and extensions of the terminal, right up to 2024. The website was online between 2017 and 2020.

    The website featured a range of fly-through videos that give a glimpse of the future and detail key milestones within the £1 Billion development process. Video clips within the site feature interviews with key personnel and provide a behind the scenes glimpse of the construction process. The Man TP project is all about creating a world-class passenger experience and the website we created needed to reflect this.



    We were asked to design a range of internal and external billboards to help inform the Airport users of the new plans for the expansion of Manchester Airport’s terminal two.

    The 1 billion investment into the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme will be completed by 2020 and will see the inclusion of more than 220 new destinations, and 60 new retail, food and beverage outlets.

    The billboards are located within terminal 2 and externally at some key roadside billboard sites. They are text-driven and focus on delivering factual information to the users of the airport. We have included outlines of some of Manchester’s iconic buildings along with Manchester Airport’s control tower.

    large scale billboard manchester airport

    Mobile Pop-Up

    The second format of the advertising was a pop-up, suitable for mobiles. Any user of the newspaper’s website would see this pop-up before continuing onto the website’s homepage. Both adverts linked through to the MAN-TP website – a page listing any disruptions airport visitors may experience, this will change as developments progress.

    phone mockup manchester airpoirt web design

    brochure design text image


    One of the first projects we undertook for Terminal Two, was a 16-page design that conveyed the key benefits of the expansion whilst reflecting MAG Group’s brand guidelines. A Statistics combiner with computer-generated visuals helped to depict how the airport will look following the re-development of Terminal Two. We also handled the print requirement for this job, which involved a highly responsive turnaround time.

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