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The National Youth Advocacy Service is a charity based in Merseyside, that operates across England and Wales to help children, young people and adults. Their aim is to support children, vulnerable adults, parents and carers alike by providing them with confidential and friendly advice, accurate information and representation. They offer a range of services including their advocacy helpline and legal representation for children in care. 

We created a logo design that was a refresh of their existing identity, to maintain brand recognition. It is a modern and up to date alternative, which keeps the essence of their previous brand. Each colour represents one of NYAS’s important services. 

We have also designed and printed a variety of materials for NYAS, including the “Young Person Z-Fold” a compact fold out informational guide for children and young adults, informing them of the services NYAS provides. The Z-Fold brochures are great way of condensing a lot of information into a small and portable format. We also designed a comprehensive range of stationery to give them a clear and consistent brand identity.

Continuing with the clear and consistent style of the new NYAS brand we redesigned their website. Our main focus was to create a website that was both visually pleasing and easily navigable for website users. The sections for the different services NYAS provides are defined by their corresponding colour, used in the logo. 

The NYAS app is a free app designed for both iPhone and iPad which allows for remote access to the helpline wherever you are. The helpline can be reached by phone, email or Skype and you do not need Wi-Fi to use the app. It is an accessible method aimed at children and young adults, for them to get information on NYAS’s services. Identical to the website, the sections of the app are split into the relevant colours for each of NYAS’s services.