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    Christmas adverts review round up top best 2023 15 all

    Top 15 Christmas adverts of 2023 | The Agency Creative



    We’re back again, with a detailed review on our favourite Christmas adverts of 2023. Here at The Agency Creative, we appreciate a clever and important marketing strategy. Over the festive season, we find that adverts can really shine and provide a stronger entertainment for viewers. We have listed our top 15 Christmas adverts below, and hope you enjoy our evaluation of them.


    Disney | A Disney A Wish For The Holidays

    Stepping out of their past routine, Disney have taken a new direction for their advert this Christmas, surprising viewers with a multi cultural movie. The famous song ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes’ is sang in various languages and scenarios, we believe this showcases that Disney is loved globally and so is Christmas. This advert is in support of the nonprofit charity known as ‘Make a Wish’, who helps to fulfil dreams and wishes of children with critical illnesses. A beautiful way to raise awareness for an amazing charity whilst promoting their upcoming animation studios movie ‘wish’. If you wish to donate to Make a Wish please Click Here.

    Lidl | A Magical Christmas With Lidl | Chosen as favourite by Nick at The Agency Creative

    Lidl have won the hearts of the nation this year, with an emotional advert depicting the kindness of animals. The advert stars an XL Bully, who is portrayed as an aggressive and scary dog in the beginning, but eventually shows how kind natured the breed can really be. The story consists of a racoon, fighting its way through dangerous obstacles to return a Childs lost toy, this is where he is met by the families pet dog, after an altercation, both animals are seen celebrating Christmas together. A brilliant way to show that no matter your beliefs, race or even breed, you can still be kind to one another. After the upsetting issues raised this year, resulting in a ban of the XL Bully breed, this advert has impressed many. Lidl aren’t afraid to showcase their opinions on the matter and we are obsessed with the outcome.

    Aldi | Amazing Christmas | Chosen as favourite by David at The Agency Creative

    This year, Aldi have continued with their infamous Kevin The Carrot adventures, and he has found himself in a parody of ‘Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory’. They have continuously amazed us with their puns throughout the years, and this year our favourite has to be the ‘Plumpa Lumpas’. The adverts always have a true Christmas meaning behind them, this year being ’Christmas is a time that’s sweeter when you share’ as they have partnered with the Neighbourly charity.

    Barbour | Shaun The Sheep

    Barbour have continuously impressed us with their Christmas adverts. This year they have created an animated movie featuring shaun the sheep. We love the traditional animation style, and how perfectly the story fits with the characters comedic behaviours. Barbour loves to collaborate with iconic British brands and characters for their adverts, we feel that this is well suited to their core values, as one of the most iconic family run business from Britain. Although they are a global company now, their heritage is massively important to their brand, and we believe these Christmas ads showcase this perfectly. This animation is incredibly christmassy, with traditional decorations, beautiful snowy scenes, and the idea of savouring pre-loved items.

    Tesco | Become more Christmas

    Spreading the festive spirit, Tesco’s advert reaches out to those who aren’t quite feeling Christmassy yet. The story consists of a teenage boy who’s surrounded by the madness of the festive season, and is trying to avoid joining in. Eventually the teenager succumbs to his surroundings and releases his inner christmas spirit (by turning into a tree). It’s a fun filled, bazar, and extremely christmasy advert, with scenes of bright houses, Christmas shopping, and adorable family traditions. We believe this is one of Tesco’s best Christmas adverts so far.

    TK Maxx | Festive Farm | Chosen as favourite by Jess at The Agency Creative

    One for the animal lovers! TK maxx have released a fun-filled Christmas advert this year, which is based on a family run snowy farm, filled with exciting animals. The woman is questioned on why all the animals have been gifted clothing, as they decided to keep Christmas small this year. The woman replies with “oh, I did love”, perfectly showcasing their unique selling point of ‘big gifts, small prices’. A brilliant short story on how us animal lovers, will always buy gifts for our pets. One of our favourite things about this advert is the comedic soundtrack, as the animals show off their clothing in a cat-walk manner.

    Apple | A Fuzzy Feeling | Chosen as favourite by Jordan at The Agency Creative

    This advert is an incredible addition to the Christmas marketing season. Showcasing the creativity of a young woman, who is using her Apple products to produce an imaginative, stop-motion movie of her life, but in an alternative universe. The movie features her grumpy scrooge-like boss in multiple dangerous scenarios, but she eventually starts to see another side to him, realising he was lonely and only needed a friend. The movie then becomes heart warming and results in a happier ending. We feel like this is Apple’s fuzzy version of the classic ‘Christmas Carol’ story.

    Morrisons | Christmas Ad

    This year, Morrisons have produced a fun-filled Christmas advert for all the food lovers. Centered around a selection of festive food thats available within the supermarket, they have created a comedic advert with singing oven gloves. We feel that this advert is extremely christmassy, as it’s showcasing homely meals in various festive settings.

    Amazon | Joy Ride

    Amazon have produced a fun and heartwarming Christmas advert this year, consisting of 3 elderly women sledding down a snowy hill. The short film then becomes a throwback to back to when the 3 women were children, enjoying the same activity. Showcasing that we are never too old to embrace our inner cild, especially during the festive season. We feel that this is the perfect way to advertise the importance of joy over Christmas and winter. We also, love the soundtrack to this ad featuring a piano cover of ‘In My Life’ by the Beatles.

    John Lewis | Snapper the perfect tree

    John Lewis has created a new style of advert this year with the ‘snapper’ tree. Although this doesn’t warm our hearts as much as in previous years, the meaning behind the message is still incredibly strong and emotive, with the tagline being ‘Let your traditions grow’. We love that it highlights that families have their own personal traditions over Christmas. We believe this advert has a similarity to ‘The Little Shop Of Horrors’ with the singing Venus fly trap, and we find this to be very imaginative.

    Boots | Give Joy 2023

    Boots have impressed us with their adventurous advert this year, they have highlighted the importance of giving back to others this Christmas. The story entails of a mother and daughter delivering gifts to strangers who have helped them along the way. Each stranger appears to be emotionally appreciative at the gesture. Each gift is carefully considered for each individual dependant on their needs, we feel like this is an impressive marketing strategy for boots as they display various specific products they have In store.

    Sainsbury’s | This Christmas, one little girl asks one BIG question 

    Sainsbury’s has ‘Rick Rolled’ the whole nation with its imaginative and comedic Christmas advert this year. The story begins with a young girl asking everyone in the supermarket a serious question about Santa, when the customers realise it’s only a question of ‘what does santa have for his Christmas dinner?’ They all sigh of relief and answer the question, by listing their favourite festive dishes that are available at Sainsbury’s. One of the customers being Rick Astley, jokingly rolls his eyes in response to a Sainsbury’s employee singing lyrics to his song ’Never gonna give you up’. We love how this advert highlights the humour and magic of Christmas.

    Deliveroo | Anything Goes

    As a design agency, Deliveroo have impressed us this year with their creative Christmas advert. We like the combination of illustrative animation, and cinematic video within this one, making each sceneario that little bit more festive. The message behind this advert captures the significance of food at Christmas, whilst highlighting that Deliveroo will be available to provide for their customers over the festive season.

    Coca Cola | The world needs more Santas

    This year, Coca Cola have impressed us by leaning onto their heritage with an advert full of Santas. The advert is extremely Christmasy and easily gets us into the festive spirit. We love the importance of the message behind this advert, being that ‘The world needs more Santas’, and there’s a little Santa in all of us. This really grasps the value of giving at Christmas, especially to those who need it. Of course, the Coca Cola truck made its appearance which we all love to see, however, we feel that this advert has reinvented the wheel for future Coca Cola marketing strategies.

    Shelter | Good As Gold by Don’t Panic

    The incredible housing and homelessness charity, Shelter, have delivered a strong and important advert to us this Christmas, raising the severe issues of homelessness. ‘Nearly 139,000 children in England will wake up on Christmas morning without a place to call home.’ Whilst this news is absolutely heartbreaking to hear, it’s massively important to raise awareness surrounding these issues, and we believe this advert does a fantastic job of that. The storyline entails a young child overhearing a woman saying ’be as good as gold, and you’ll get just what you want’. The child then tries her hardest to be good, believing that she’ll wake up to a house on Christmas morning. The advert jumps to Christmas morning, when the child and her family wake up in the shelter and the tagline appears saying ‘no child should have to wish for a home’. A powerful message that helps us to remember the importance of giving this Christmas. If you wish to donate to shelter please Click Here.

    Overall were impressed with the selection of Christmas adverts this year and can’t wait to see what 2024 brings.

    Merry Christmas, from The Agency Creative.


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